AnyDesk 6.0

Remotely accesses multiple computers in a network
Gain remote access to the desktops of multiple devices connected to a network and manage documents, launch applications or move files. Sharing the contents of the clipboard between different computers is also possible. Remote screenshots in PNG are taken.

AnyDesk is a remote-desktop application that excels due to the quality of its connection. In this regard, the tool lets you access a remote computer just as if you were sitting in front of it, without any video lag whatsoever. It works fine even when the connection speed is far from being ideal, as you can set the application to try to achieve a balance between video quality and data transfer speed.

The tool has a very small installer; however, it can run in portable mode as well. Moreover, you do not need to mess with complex router configurations, which is definitely a great advantage. And not only that, if you set a password, you can benefit from unattended access. Although the application eventually becomes very easy to use, it may be possible that you feel disoriented at first. In such case, it is a good idea to consult its online help documentation.

In order to establish a connection, the program should be running on both the local and the remote computers. Besides, you need an Internet connection as data is transferred through an Internet server. Each device uses an ID, so you just need to enter the number given to the guest to start a connection. Luckily, you can connect to various machines simultaneously.

In addition to using the remote desktop as if it were your own, you can also transfer files via clipboard. However, while data is being transfer, there is no way to interrupt or pause the operation. It is good that hotkey combinations work on the remote computer. Various settings let you grant permissions, such as playing sounds and taking control of the keyboard and mouse. Moreover, it is easy to switch control between the local and the remote machines.

In a nutshell, AnyDesk is possibly one of the fastest ways to share desktops between two computers. Fortunately, most of the program’s features can be access without any cost. However, if you feel the necessity to create an address book, you will need to buy the Premium version.

Pedro Castro
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  • Unattended access
  • file transfers support
  • Hotkey combinations supported on the remote computer shortcuts
  • No screen lag


  • May be difficult to understand at the beginning
  • No way to control file transfers
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